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Lady Gaga - I Wanna Kiss You But If I Do Then I Might Miss You Babe (LoveGame) (Lyrics)

Well...a close look at the lyrics can almost tell you the meaning, if you have a knack for finding them.By the "have some fun...beat is sick...wanna ride disco stick..." part, I think they are at a club, having nonsexual fun, she desires to go more, but is unsure if this will ruin them. This is almost impossible to miss in "wanna kiss you...but if I do...I might miss you" then the part about her "ass being squeezed by sexy cupid" is obviously stating that she really desires him, and wants to play the lovegame. Then "hold me...just wanna touch for a minute...maybe 3 secs is enough for my heart to quit it" meaning, if she can be with, and touch him, and love him for just a minute, she can stop desiring him. Again with the discostick part. Then the chorus, which is questioning his intentions in her, if it is for love or FAME. Now the fame has become a third person in this lovegame. Now this part just turns me on! LOL "Im on a mission...involves indicated educated in sex...i want it bad" this is the part where she gives up on holding back...she wants him so badly, and she knows he wants her, she stops caring what his intentions were, and is fixing to purposely lose this game. The next part, my favorite "I see you staring there from across the block, smile on mouth, hand on huh (discostick)...the story of us, always starts the same...boy, girl, huh(discostick), and a game, a game, a game..." Meaning she realizes the story will just keep repeating itself, she will never reach game over, unless she ends it.

Lady Gaga - I wanna kiss you but if I do then I might miss you babe (LoveGame) (Lyrics)

A disco stick is a meth pipe! Take a ride? AKA it gets you high!"I wanna kiss you but if you do then I might miss you babe" She's referring to the want to take a hit of meth, but once you do you'll fiend for it aka "miss you""Maybe 3 seconds as in it for my heart to quit it"? It takes 3 seconds from smoking the pipe to reach your heart!"I'm on a mission, and it involves some heavy touching yeah" when you're on meth you are always on a mission for sex! This song is PERFECT to make the song uber sexual while still maintaining the hidden meaning."Do you want love or do you want fame? Are you in the game?" The song in itself is a game. "Love" meaning the song can be about sex. "Fame" meaning the song can be about meth. You pick your interpretation. If you can see it from both sides you are "In the Game" LOL

I wanna kiss youBut if I do, then I might miss you, babeIt's complicated and stupidGot my ass squeezed by sexy CupidGuess he wants to play, wants to playA lovegame, a lovegame 041b061a72


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