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Buy Chuck E Cheese Tickets Online

"It is automatically better tasting when surrounded by tokens and tickets," she said in a text later. Unfortunately, Pasqually's online menu doesn't offer the option to order a pizza box that turns into a mini skee-ball game - Chuck E. Cheese does.

buy chuck e cheese tickets online

Children can practice collecting tickets by playing the virtual version of Ticket Blaster at Chuck E-Games, the chain's online arcade. By playing the online game, they can win a voucher for up to 30 additional tickets to give them a head-start on prize-winning before their birthday party or next visit.

The new Chuck E. Cheese App will help the Company create guest-friendly personalized recommendations based on their preferences, spending, and ordering habits. The fun starts for each guest downloading the app, as each new Chuck E. Cheese Reward Member will automatically earn 500 e-tickets upon signup. Chuck E. Cheese Rewards gives users access to special offers, exciting rewards like free play time, e-tickets, and delicious pizza, special birthday treats, and more. For every dollar spent in-store, online and in-app, members will earn one reward point to be saved or redeemed.

About CEC Entertainment, LLC. CEC Entertainment, LLC is the nationally recognized leader in family entertainment and dining with its Chuck E. Cheese, Peter Piper Pizza and, delivery only, Pasqually's Pizza & Wings brands. As the place where a million happy birthdays are celebrated every year, Chuck E. Cheese's goal is to create positive, lifelong memories for families through fun, food, and play and is the place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid. Committed to providing a fun, safe environment, Chuck E. Cheese helps protect families through industry-leading programs such as Kid Check. As a strong advocate for its local communities, Chuck E. Cheese has donated more than $19 million to schools through its fundraising programs. Peter Piper Pizza features dining, entertainment and carryout with a neighborhood pizzeria feel and "pizza made fresh, families made happy" culture. Peter Piper Pizza takes pride in delivering quality food and fun that reconnects family and friends. With a bold design and contemporary layout, an open kitchen revealing much of their handcrafted food preparation, the latest technology and games, and beer and wine for adults, Peter Piper Pizza restaurants appeal to parents and kids alike. The Company and its franchisees operate a system of 556 Chuck E. Cheese and 120 Peter Piper Pizza venues, with locations in 47 states and 16 foreign countries and territories. For more information, visit and

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