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Buy Muscat Raisins [PORTABLE]

Muscat lovers are familiar with the subtle crunchiness of the edible seeds within, a crunch that adds a delightful texture to the robust flavor profile of this unique raisin. These Muscat Raisins are a staple ingredient in traditional Fruit Cake recipes. Harvested near the end of Summer and dried in a dehydrator to preserve its color, our raisins are sweet and tangy at the same time. Our Muscats are perfect for snacking or baking. Combine our raisins with other dried fruits and nuts to create your own custom mix. Absolutely nothing added!

buy muscat raisins


Note: a December 2006 update: Muscat raisins are availableyear round from Go to Gift Shop link, then Bulk Fruitsand find #62: Muscat Raisins, in a five pound box for about $22 US plusshipping. Or call Sunmaid at 800-786-6243. Cheers.

With some measure of desperation, I searched the YellowPages of the telephone book, found a section for "Dried Fruits"and called the three local businesses that were listed. One never answered,the second one had no idea of where I might find my Muscats and the thirdsuggested that I try calling middle Eastern food shops. I had no betterluck at the two middle Eastern food shops in my search for my Muscats. Oneshop in the northern part of Peninsula said "yes" to my queryabout whether they stocked the Muscat Raisins. Excitedly, I drove some twentymiles to their shop, but alas, there was a communication failure, for theyonly stocked the common black Thompson and golden raisins. I had been sufferingunder a delusion of there being some connection between Muscat Raisins andthe old city of Muscat in Oman, which is located on southern part of theArabian Peninsula.

After examining a box of Sun-Maid Zante Currants, it dawnedon me that un-Maid probably had a Web site. After a quick search on theWeb, I found their site. Sun Maid is the trade name for the marketing armof the Sun-Maid Raisin Growers of California. They have a section of theirWeb site which lists the dried fruit items available for purchase by mailorder or in person at their store in Kingsburg, California. I saw goldenraisins and the black Thompson raisins listed for sale, but not my by nowbeloved Muscat Raisins. I sent an E-mail inquiry and a couple of days laterthe reply solved the mystery of the missing Muscats.

It seems that the consumer demand for Muscat Raisins hadfallen off in recent years, so in 1998, the Sun-Maid group had discontinuedproduction and sale of this type of raisin. There must have been a consumeroutcry over the disappearance of this raisin from the grocery shelves, forthe E-mail promised that the there would be a 1999 crop of Muscat Raisinsand that they would be for sale by mail order and at the Sun Maid Growersof California store, 13525 South Bethel Avenue, Kingsburg, California 93631.Information is available at 1-800-SUN-MAID or 1-559-896-8000. The Web addressis I learned that the new crops of raisins usuallyare ready for market starting in October.

Kingsburg is an old farming town located just north ofFresno in the San Joaquin Valley in California. It founded by Swedish settlersover a century ago. As recently as 1921, the town's population was 94% Swedish.Every year on the third weekend in May they have their Swedish Festival.It is the center of the modern raisin business in California. It makes afine destination for a weekend trip from San Francisco Bay Area. But ifyou are planning on buying some Muscats, be sure to call again to checkif they have any on hand. The new crops of raisins usually start appearingin October.

[Etymology: Muscat Raisin muscat Old French muscatOld Provencal muscat , "musky" (flavor), from musc,musk, Italian moscato, musk, wine, literally, having the smell orflavor of musk, Late Latin muscus, musk + raisin Middle English raisinOld French raisin, reisin, grape Latin racemus, clusterof grapes].

The most select raisins in Spain are undoubtedly those from the Axarquía and Manilva districts of Málaga, in Andalusia, from the famous Muscatel variety, with its extra sweet flavor, which apparently dates back to Roman times. This seasonal autumn product is worth waiting for: rich, sweet moscatel raisins on the vine that have been dried in the last rays of the Malaga summer sun. The vines also dress cheese-boards beautifully.

Snacking on junk food is unhealthy and only adds empty calories to your system. On the other hand, health snacking on muscat raisins is something that is nutritious, healthy and filling. It does not provide you with any empty calories! Get over to right now and access wholesale varieties of muscat raisins where we have stocked them from some popular sellers from around!

Everyone loves the sweet stuff, and global demand for confectionery products is stronger than ever, especially as customers discover exciting new products from around the world, alongside old favorites. Whether you have your own retail store, hospitality business, gifting store, e-commerce business - or simply an occasion to buy in bulk, it makes sense to stock up on muscat raisins. Our global wholesalers sell muscatraisins at great prices and with fast delivery and you'll find thousands of listings from motivated sellers, with easy purchasing at and features such as online chat, order tracking and your own private account area. offers the widest selection of muscat raisins to choose from. These wonderful items imitate the taste of fresh fruits but with the added advantage of incredibly long shelf lives. These muscat raisins can be consumed like candies, or put into various kinds of baked and cooked dishes. The muscat raisins on the site are from reliable brands that carry out thorough preservation processes to make sure that the best quality items reach the consumer. muscat raisins on are offered in various forms, from canned to candies and freeze-dried variants. Many do not use any artificial preservatives while some contain preservatives that are completely safe for use and rigorously tested. muscat raisins available include berries, lemon slices, plums, and cherries, among others. The muscat raisins offered are also available as dehy.

Are you into raisins? If so you cannot leave la Axarquia without tasting the best raisins in the world. Raisins from muscatel grapes in la Axarquía are characterised by its great size and its intense sweetness. It is an exquisit, healthy nourish listed as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by FAO. We give you the opportunity to go depth into the inland villages of la Axarquia and get to know first hand all the secrets of this delicious nourish. Our first stop will be an Andalusian cortijo (country house) with breath-taking views and a traditional raisin production system, where you will see for yourself how are they made and will meet a local family that does the production of raisins for a living. Next stop will be Almáchar, capital of the muscatel grape and an important stop on our route. We will visit their beautiful streets and of course the Museo de la Pasa (Museum of the Raisin), where we will learn a bit more about this product and will see old tools that were used to pick them. After the visit in Almachar we will drive you to El Borge, in the very heart of the raisin route. We will take a walking tour on their beautiful streets, where we will find a lot of references of this kind of cultivation, main economic sustenance of this village. We will have lunch in one of the most iconic restaurants of this village, once there you will understand why! Lastly we will drive you to Moclinejo, a humble, small village surrounded by mountains that will steal your heart away.

Put all the ingredients except raisins, muscat and walnuts in a food processor and blitz till smooth. Carefully fold the raisins and muscat and then the walnuts into the mixture. If the mixture looks too wet or sloppy, add a tablespoon or two more of flour.

Meanwhile, to make the syrup, put the sugar and water in a heavy based saucepan, stirring until dissolved. Then boil for 5 minutes without stirring or until the the syrup has reduced to stickiness but not toffee. Take off the heat and add the muscat. 041b061a72


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