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Best Buy Docking Station For Laptop

Some things to keep in mind, are the various benefits different docks might grant you. Some will give you HDMI ports, others might also have DisplayPorts, and if you're looking for maximum utility, you might look for one with more USB ports. If you'd rather have one of the viable (and cheaper) third-party options it's worth remembering that you'll need a USB-C docking station, not a USB-C hub, in order to turn your Steam Deck into a docked gaming PC. This is because the former allows for power delivery and charging, whereas the latter does not.

best buy docking station for laptop

For those that have a little more in their pockets to burn, the Anker 575 is a premium USB-C docking station that features all the ports and power delivery needed for your Steam Deck. Priced at $279.99 / 299.99, it's far from the cheapest option you can rig your portable PC up to, however, given that this model features everything you would typically find on rear and front I/O, the Anker justifies its asking price.

The sleek rubberized surface makes the j5create USB C docking station an ideal choice for propping your Steam Deck on top without fear of falling over or slipping around. Plus, with 100W power delivery, far above the minimum of 45W, you can keep gaming without having to keep an eye on your battery life.

The biggest advantage of the Wavlink 13 in 1 Multiport USB C docking station over some others in our roundup is the inclusion of DisplayPort as well as HDMI. The former means that you can output at a maximum of 4K60, but also means that you will have far greater compatibility with monitors featuring a sharper picture quality. DisplayPort may play better with some gaming monitors in general as even an older form of the input can provide noticeable improvements over the likes of HDMI connections thanks to a far higher data bit rate.

Priced at $49.99 / 52.99, the UGreen USB C docking station features all the essential ports and video output options needed to bring the Steam Deck onto the big screen, with the one major omission being DisplayPort. Instead, you've got one HDMI 2.0 port, which will suffice for most gaming monitors with up to 4K60.

The biggest strength of the UGreen USB C docking station is the 100W power delivery which is more than enough to keep the Steam Deck juiced up for many hours without losing battery. What's more, there are 3x USB-A ports which can accommodate all your peripherals, as well as USB storage solutions, too, should you exceed the microSD capacity.

You can also get your portable PC fix with our best gaming laptops roundup, as well as the best cheap gaming laptop deals. Alternatively, be a little more specific with the best RTX 3050 laptop deals and best RTX 3060 laptop deals.

Every day offers the chance to find cheap laptops at Amazon(Opens in a new tab) and Best Buy(Opens in a new tab), but there are some amazing deals available right now for top brands such as Acer, HP, and Dell. Let's take a quick rundown to help you find the best budget laptop option for your needs. Everything listed below costs less than $500, with some as low as $300.

I'm going to give you a weird list. My most important thing is a long term commitment to updates by the manufacturer. My second thing, like wright_is, is a docking station because I want to use a big screen when not travelling. A back lit keyboard is also one of those features that you really appreciate and miss when you don't have it.

Swapable batteries, backlit keyboard, SSD, smartcard reader, and LTE (cellular) connectivity, though using the latter in Windows 10 at least for me is inconsistent and problematic. I also agree a docking station solution is also a blessing as is being able to replace at least some components. Consequently, the Dell Latitude 5414 Rugged has been my go to machine for close to three years. 041b061a72


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