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[GS] Bikini Warriors - 05 - Saving Things That ...

The Mortenson conversation gave me a brand new insight on what we should be doing in Afghan/Pakistan but made me wonder if that is what Pres. Obama really meant when he said "we will Partner" with Afghanistan and Pakistan soldiers. That, made me remember what someone else wrote about our failure in Vietnam, where we did NOT "partner" with the Vietnamese soldiers, "they" knew we were leaving in 12 months and knew we got a lot more than they did, had better weapons, ... etc.Someone else wrote that the defense of the Pusan Perimeter in Korea made it essential, by necessity, to "partner" and even bunk with our ROK Korean allies, a key point our leaders missed, Yes, I too wonder if bigotry has something to do with that, I don't know.----The point that Mr. Mortenson made was described, also, by Ray Suarez on a program used in Mexico, to build schools, improve health care and empower women in ways that made me proud to be an American, Mexican-American.When we see how badly we were treating our Veterans and how badly things were going over there, I had little hope ... but, Bill Moyers program, and Ray Suarez in the Newshour, give me much hope. OK, it may be wishful thinking, but I want to believe we NOW know the truth, and it will make US free. I am sure. Otherwise, the new soldiers will fail.

[GS] Bikini Warriors - 05 - Saving Things That ...

Concerning 'big government', there are some things that if the government doesn't do, then who will?: 1) Conservation and punishment of environmental polluters: - A nation that destroys it's soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) 2) In a society where self-interest prevails, the government needs to promote its opposite--the common good: - The hopes of the Republic cannot forever tolerate either undeserved poverty or self-serving wealth...We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we now know that it is bad economics...- Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) 3) And in a society that is preoccupied with short-term value, government needs to remind us that our future depends on not failing to incorporate values into our plans: - The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profits. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) So for those who are still anti-big government: - I believe that in the future the State...will assume a much larger role in the lives of its citizens...Now some people are going to say this is socialistic. My answer to them is that it is "social," not "socialistic." (Franklin D. Roosevelt,1928)

"...fundamental turning point for our economy." In your insightful show, this one concept struck me; things have really changed in our former democracy/republic. As George W. Bush put it, "I'm for the Haves and Have Mores." Our current leaders are demonstrating by their actions with Wall Street that they are on the Have More camp solidly and profoundly.

What were the five things that we must demand in legislation? It seems to me that is something that should be organized and pushed.And what is that 1% rule that I and no one knows aboout. They implied we should know but never told us what it was.Answers any one?

Mr.Moyer, I am appalled that our government has so blatantly conceded to Wall-Street and big banking. Thank-you for covering this matter with honesty & integrity-Values many of our gov't officials seem to have lost. Many of the comments & ideas posted herein have merit. Maybe it's time we go back to saving for things we want instead of using credit so much. And, how about using local non-profit credit unions where possible. I think most Americans are very angry with the fat-cat lobbyists & congress, they're just to depressed to fight it. But, I don't believe the financial crisis is over. In 6-12 months, when thousands who currently get unemployment checks no longer qualify, I'm afraid the economy will take another hit. We the people definitely need to mobilize to save America and protect our freedoms.

I forgot to mention that for the last few months there has been a Send A Pink Slip To Congress movement that is designed to get our congress to remember whom they work for. Nearly ten MILLION pink slips have been sent, exhausting the supply of pink paper in the whole USA a couple of times. This, like many other people's movements to take back control of our government, has gotten zero press, nada, nothing, zilch, because the mainstream elite media doesn't report on anything done by "those" people, they who might be right. I saw a reference to "teabaggers" below and I almost wept because the discord and distrust fostered by the elites in their divide and conquer scheme is working so well. The Boston Tea Party that Mr. Moyers referenced tonight were the inspiration for the T.E.A. Party people. Liberal means generous and it is not generous to deride people who also don't know what else to do except use their right to petition for redress of their grievances while that right still exists. Stop putting down TEA Party people and other people from "the Right." And Republicans, too. The Arabs know "My enemy's enemy is my friend." Right now, we the people cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves. And yes, I write similar things on "Right" and "Republican" and "Conservative" forums. If you want to play to win, then you've got to play nice with the people with whom you hold common cause. Otherwise, all efforts are doomed to failure. Don't look to Obama. His picks at Treasury are not about going mainstream, they indicate that he works for the banks as much as Bush did.

Congratulations for this triumph of journalism and a heartfelt thank you to Moyers, Corn and Drum for their fearless and probing investigation. I too am saddened that relatively few people may see this program, but those who have can keep it alive by sending it to all of the inquiring minds in their collective contact lists. I would also ask that you download a transcript and send it to your representatives with a letter demanding action be taken that is in the public's interest. We have the power to prompt the elected officials into action without having to spend the immoral sums being collected by Schumer and the Top Eight, because we have the power of the internet to spread the word - it is up to us to use it. Let's help Moyers leave a concrete legacy of his service to the public and create a nationwide chain of knowledge and awareness so that members of congress will know that we will tar, feather and hoist anyone in the public square who colludes with the financial institutions to defraud the American worker of their hard earned savings and investments.

"The dream world of a compulsive gambler." A lot of time is spent creating images of great and wonderful things they are going to do as soon as they make "the big win."... No one can convince them that their great schemes will not come true. They believe they will, for without this dream world, life for them would not be tolerable.

A healthy democracy depends upon the quality a society's education and free press. Both have failed us. One of the most telling things I've seen lately was Jon Stewart's piece of specific examples of how Fox News "dumbs down" its format to seduce the masses. It was a bit disappointing that the press not covering important details of this bank crisis was not elaborated on this Journal piece. I'd like more light shown on WHY the press is failing us.

Thanks for your shows. I have always enjoyed watching them. It seems to me the person we need to hold accountable is Barack Obama. We had a dysfunctional congress and senate before he became president. We can also expect bankers to look only after themselves. But Mr. Obama ran on a platform of change and won a significant mandate, which he has thus far wasted. It is wrong to assume that people were naive to think he could change things. If they didn't want him to, he wouldn't have won.

These are all excellent blogs.But what I'm going to say may offend some but... The book of Revelation discusses some of these issues. We are headed for a one world government and I know the people with the money are using it to buy power, not mansions and toys. Like someone said on that episode, "they could have those things anytime (been there,done that). It's more sinister than even money,if that's possible.I believe it's a precursor of what was promised.All of the circuit is in bed,not just most of them...ALL.

A great show and great posts. It give me much hope for change to come when I know I'm not alone in the complete BETRAYAL I feel towards our government and Obama. I made the mistake of only listening to the good and not all the bad things that were out there which now seem to be closer to the truth. I am a life long registered independent. From what I have read about the 'birthers', they raise legitimate questions that deserve answers. So now I learn the rampant corruption in this country extends to the Supreme Court as well. Human beings sure aren't perfect, not a single one of us and neither are any of the systems, money, language or anything else we create. Surely, we are intelligent enough to do better than we are, but our history does not support this. We have this money system we are all supposed to live under without even knowing the rules of how it works. And the rules are always changing. Life, as we live it is unfair, unequal and unjust and corrupt because that is the way human beings behave. Obama is a con man, read the bad stuff out there about him. Look for truth everywhere. If the Federal Reserve were audited, it would be abolished for corruption. Seek out and read about all the corrupt politicians currently in office, there are so many. I am educating myself. I take responsibility for my own life, my choices and all my actions. I have emailed my state senators and representative. I have gotten responses. I expect those at the federal level to work on behalf of all the people of this country, not just this state. This year, if they show up in my area--I will be there to hold them accountable. I will write real letters asking my questions and demanding answers, not more BS. My heart hurts for all the suffering people in this failing country because I have been there. I have helped and will continue to help. We are all in this life together. The game of predator and prey must end. Thank-you again for a wonderful program. 041b061a72


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