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Along with the growth of public sentiment for stricter gun control laws, in the mid-1990s, Congress expanded the categories of individuals for whom it prohibited gun possession. In 1996, Congress passed the so-called Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which defined a term known as a semiautomatic assault weapon. 117 The definition included more than 170 models of guns and many nonmilitary rifles. 118 Additionally, the statute banned the importation of all semiautomatic assault weapons manufactured before 1994. 119 This was a significant change as prior to this time, semiautomatic assault weapons were less restricted than full-automatic guns and most shotguns in terms of access and use. 120

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As in many other areas of the gun safety systems, regulation is far more effective when it is coupled to direct education and enforcement. 115 For example, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first conducted public service announcements in 1995 and 1996 on the risks of gun injury to children and teens, the preventable nature of gun violence deaths was emphasized in an effective way. 116 Such prior public education has also been a hallmark of American gun ownership. 117 Following the 2009 Obama administration guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began public health campaigns to educate Americans on the risks of gun ownership and gun injuries to children and adults alike. 118


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