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The Machinery Of Dreams

People who see machinery in their dream often hold the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, apprehension and edginess. To dream of machinery working frequently results in making some key decisions in life. This could be a new project or a task which will likely make you feel emotions of anxiety and uneasiness, but ultimately this dream indicates that a possible route to decision making should be carefully thought out. A strange unidentified machine in a dream suggests goals reached in life. There are many ways in which an individual can see machinery in his or her dream. The dream can be rather complex but machinery indicates decisions made. To be in a factory surrounded by machine indicates that you need to light up the life of those around you. A washing machine in a dream suggests that you need to make better sense of the world around you.

The Machinery of Dreams

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Normally a dream of machinery suggests that the dreamer has been making important decisions without any form of judgment. Being mechanical in your approach in life can be somewhat a tiresome approach to life. To dream of a pneumatic machine is associated with your thoughts, perception and mind.

Often seeing old, rusty machinery in a dream relates to your enemies and rivals. This is a warning to take a cautious approach to work - as others will strive to ruin your reputation. To maintain your status in life means you need to focus on your own goals. In some dream dictionaries this is an optimistic dream as it warns you about your rivals and their actions that could harm you in the future.

Many people have seen themselves entangled in machinery in their dream. Unfortunately this dream fortells sorrow, discontent and disgruntlement. It could also mean something alarming is coming in your way, possibly your business or a new project. It cannot be associated to your own happiness, bliss and contentment. It is an omen that a period of misfortune and hardship is about to enter your life. To gain serious injuries due to operating machinery in your dream indicates a new start in your life.

To have dreams about broken or "out of order" machinery that needs repair and maintenance indicates the dreamer needs to repair relationships and "fix" themselves in waking life. In essence, they need to work on repairing their personalities, self esteem and sense of self worth.

Modern methods of psychological research make much use of dreams in the effort to investigate the levels of the mind to which we have no direct access, and psychotherapy uses the same method in order to trace the disorders of the mind to their cause. It is interesting to note that the delusions of lunatics are constructed upon exactly the same principles as the phantasies of our castles in the air. The lunatic, however, is not irrational, he is absolutely rational if once his premises be granted, for he carries the logical deductions from these premises to their ultimate conclusion. And once it be realised that some fundamental and essentially natural wish lies at the root of these phantasies which we see him acting out. We shall see that the clue to the treatment of insanity lies in these wishes and the region of the mind that gives rise to them.

In the dream, with interest to inspect any machinery or equipment - a sign of prosperous affairs: trade, production, finance. Success will be driven by growing customer requests. Thanks to its excellent situation, you'll quickly get rich and highly respected around. A woman who dreams of her future husband of mechanisms and machines, the dream suggests that her lover will always be a hard-working, and although it is not the rich, be sure to make a fortune in the end thanks to his persistence and organization.

To see machinery in your dream, suggests that you are too mechanical - going about your way without much thought and making decisions without thinking it through. You need to get out of your boring pattern. Alternatively, the machinery symbolizes your mind or your body. Examine how the machinery is running and its condition and function. If the machinery is in need of repair, then it suggests that you may need to repair your self-image or a relationship.

To dream of machinery, denotes you will undertake some project which will give great anxiety, but which will finally result in good for you. To see old machinery, foretells enemies will overcome in your strivings to build up your fortune. To become entangled in machinery, foretells loss in your business, and much unhappiness will follow. Loss from bad deals generally follows this dream.

A dream of machinery is an omen of success after adversity. If the machinery you will have to overcome some enemies to reach your goals. If you are caught or injured in the machinery then will you suffer unhappiness and loss. Well oiled machinery means you will have a smoothly running marriage and home life.

Dreaming about machines or machinery can symbolize how things are currently working in your life. We can see many different kinds of machines in our dreams, ranging from washing machines and dishwashers to complicated machines in factories.

We dream about machinery when we are considering how to be more efficient in our lives, either personally or professionally. We may be faced with many tasks that need completing and have limited time in which to complete them.

A washing machine can be a symbol of needing to come clean in our lives. You may feel guilty about something, or you may feel like you need to let go of the past. See laundry in dreams meaning and meaning of clothes in dreams.

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[vii] Throughout history,the great achievements of civilizations and cultures have beenrecorded in lists of dates and events. But to look only at themachinery, discoveries, or milestones is to miss the value of theseachievements. Each goal achieved or discovery made, represents asupreme effort on the part of individual people who came and workedtogether for a purpose greater than themselves. Driven by an innatecuriosity of the spirit, we have built civilizations and discoverednew worlds, always reaching out beyond what we knew or thought waspossible. These efforts may have used ships or machinery, but theachievement was that of the humans who made those machines possible -remarkable people willing to endure discomfort, frustration, fatigueand the risk of failure in the hopes of finding out somethingnew.

This is the case with the history of theGoddard Space Flight Center. This publication traces the legacy ofsuccesses, risks, disappointments and internationally recognizedtriumphs of the Center's first 40 years. I t is a story oftechnological achievement and scientific discovery; of reaching backto the dawn of time and opening up a new set of eyes on our ownplanet Earth. In the end, it is not a story about machinery ordiscoveries, but a story about ourselves. If we were able to step offour planet, and if we continue to discover new mysteries and bettertechnology, it is because the people who work at Goddard always had apassion for exploration and the dedication to make it possible.

Robert Goddard once said, "The dream ofyesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow." This isour heritage. Our challenge is to keep our spirit of dedication,[viii]vision and innovative thinking alive, so we can turn today's dreamsinto a new century of possibility and progress.

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