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Something Borrowed, Something GreenHarley Quinn...

Meanwhile, Gordon is escorting Two-Face to Arkham. Two-Face, however, can read Gordon and see his frustration over not being recognized by the mayor of Gotham. He entices Gordon with thoughts of becoming mayor himself rather, and although Gordon tries to resist the temptation, he considers it with Two-Face. Two-Face says that to fix his reputation, he has to do something heroic, like busting a wedding full of supervillains. Gordon believes that if he succeeds, he will become a hero as important as Batman himself, which Two-Face encourages.

Something Borrowed, Something GreenHarley Quinn...

Gordon himself is rallying his police officers (who are disgusted by the vegan donuts he gave them), but they aren't very motivated to do a raid on a weekend and are more concerned about the "emotional underpinnings" of Kite Man and Ivy's relationship than actually stopping supervillains, something they regard as hero's business. However, Gordon inspires them with the idea of getting the credit for themselves for once. Even so, the raw power of the supervillains in attendance still gives the police pause until Gordon wins them over with "a damn good plan". Gordon impersonates the priest while all the cops impersonate caterers, intending to stay incognito until knock-out gas can be released on the entire venue while replacing all the plants with plastic flowers to make Ivy powerless.

Some of the Laziest updates I've ever seen!!! They could have waited a week and released something worth playing!!!. If you don't have a save from the last update, i pity you because this is another dragged out shit!!!. 041b061a72


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