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the boardwalk behind grand beach state park has been a favorite hangout among locals and tourists for decades. its got plenty of shops, restaurants, and establishments for adults and children alike, and its got one of the world famous boardwalk under the stars concerts every august. the park was formed from land donated to the state by the county for use as a public park in the mid-1950s. it covers about 225 acres and the longest continuously operating park beach boardwalk on the east coast.

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this little slice of new jersey in south carolina is known for its stunning beaches, great fishing, and fabulous nightlife. a little tourist town, myrtle beach has a unique feel that you will enjoy if you plan on spending some time here and arent looking for anything too crowded or intense. with an ultra low unemployment rate and the lowest crime rate in the state, theres really no reason why you shouldn;t visit or relocate here.

the grand strand is an area of great surf, with plenty of impressive thunderstorms that provide endless opportunities for surfing and enjoying some of the most magnificent sunsets on the east coast. known as the home of three of the worlds biggest waves, and with its large population of fishermen and surfers, myrtle beach is one of the oldest fishing towns in the united states.

you are required to get a sc driver's license while vacationing here, and are required to wear helmets while riding, fishing or riding on the back of a jet ski. to obtain a driver's license you must meet certain requirements including having lived in the state for at least 3 years before applying for the license, pass a vision test and take a road test.


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